Pulpal Therapy

Pulpal Therapy:
The placement of a NuSmile crown requires local anesthetic (numbing). Please follow
A cavity is an infection of a tooth’s hard outer coating. Occasionally the infection extends deep into the tooth and reaches the pulp, home to the tooth’s nerve and blood vessel. Infection of the tooth’s pulp requires pulp therapy in order to prevent the spread of infection. An untreated infected pulp may result in abscess, swelling, and intense pain. A long-standing infection of the pulp results in death of the tooth. If your child has a history of night pain, throbbing, or swelling, there is a good chance pulp therapy is needed.

Pulp therapy ranges from the placement of medication directly over the nerve, removal of a portion of the nerve and infected pulp (pulpotomy), and removal of the entire nerve and pulp tissue (pulpectomy). Pulp therapy is the final treatment option before extraction (removal) of a tooth is necessary. The removal of the pulp weakens the tooth. Therefore, a stainless steel crown or NuSmile crown must be placed following pulpal therapy to prevent fracture of the remaining tooth structure.

Pulpal Therapy Post-Operative Instructions:
Pulp therapy requires local anesthetic (numbing). Please follow the local anesthetic post-operative instructions described above. Once home from the appointment, your child may require a dose of an over-the-counter pain medication, such as Motrin or Tylenol. Please follow the dosing instructions on the package, and contact the dentist if the pain does not resolve or worsens. It is also important to contact the dentist if swelling develops around the treated tooth.

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