Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pediatric Dentistry?
This is dentistry specially designed for the care of children’s teeth.

Are baby teeth different from adult teeth?
To start with, they have no premolars and their teeth are much smaller. More importantly, it is their structure which makes them different. Also, decay spreads at a faster rate in baby teeth. Remember, baby teeth are also called Milk teeth and Deciduous teeth.

Why is it important to take good care of these teeth?
If decay is allowed to persist in these, it can affect the permanent adult teeth developing near the roots of these baby teeth. Hence the damage may be permanent and irreversible.

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or BBTD is the condition when several teeth are decayed as a result of these teeth being bathed with a carbohydrate solution such as milk or juice for prolonged periods of time. For instant, a baby sleeping with the bottle for the entire night or even a few hours is enough to cause such decay.

What is rampant caries?
This is a condition where most, if not all the teeth in the child’s mouth are decayed. Being baby teeth, the decay spreads fast. Poor hygiene, prolonged exposure to carbohydrate and neglect are some of the causes.

Why Restore Primary Teeth (Baby Teeth)?
Parents are often surprised to learn that their children have dental decay. They question the need to repair or restore the baby teeth because, after all, they are going to fall out.

Before the teeth erupt into the mouth, the bacteria that causes tooth decay is swallowed with food or saliva. When the first tooth appears there is now a surface for bacteria to adhere to and multiply.

The primary teeth must be present to help guide the proper path for eruption (coming into the mouth) of the permanent teeth.

If a child has a toothache or pain with chewing, he will not be able to eat properly. Decayed molars may affect a child’s nutrition and could result in weight loss.

Before age two and a half, the upper front primary teeth (incisors) are necessary for normal speech development. The facial appearance will also be affected by the early loss of the incisors.

Abscess of the tooth may occur if tooth decay is not treated.

Extensive decay of a primary molar may require an extraction. Extraction of a primary molar in a toddler or preschooler could cause the accidental removal of the developing permanent tooth.

Decay can spread from one tooth to the other by direct contact or by shedding into the saliva.

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