Some children need to start orthodontic treatment at a younger age to address problems with their teeth and jaw structures. If left untreated, children may develop severe functional and esthetic issues including crowding, spacing, crossbite, and openbite related problems.

At Baker Pediatric Dentistry, we believe in the importance of total mouth care. This includes evaluating your child’s bite to see if they may benefit from orthodontic treatment. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that an orthodontist evaluate children by 7 years of age to see if they can benefit from treatment.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Gibson, uses advanced digital imaging and computer graphics technology to provide your child with the highest level of care available in both a friendly and comfortable environment.

Our goal is to help your child achieve a beautiful smile that they will be proud of! If you feel your child may benefit from orthodontic care, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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